Virtual Event

A Virtual Booth is a shareable online photo and marketing event that allows you to connect with your guests digitally by integrating with many of the leading event platforms. This online photo booth is browser based - no apps are required and is easily shareable by a custom link or directly imbedded into your event's website. It's a brilliant way to connect with your guests for conferences, expos, birthdays, parties, branded events and more.


  • Photos, Boomerangs, Videos & GIFs

  • Design Templates 

  • Background Removal

  • Digital Props

  • Live Gallery

  • Sharing Social Media

Take your photo on any device, no app required!

1. Click start virtual booth

2. Choose an option

3. View everyone's photo


Do you miss your colleagues & friends??


It might be not the same but you still can connect with them through Virtual Booth, it would be nice to seeing their faces again. Keep in touch with them and break the ice. Send them lots of love, virtual hugs and supportive. 


Why not surprise someone's birthday and share all unexpecting photos??


  Arrange it for your birthday or someone's surprise birthday and give everyone feel to be part of your special event. Take your photo with a birthday cake or show their decorations.


Do you want to feel special engagement or pre-wedding with your other half and guests from home?

Share a link with your guests and you can save all photos into your device. Also you can print it out in your guestbook 'Wedding Virtual' and make it fun!

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